Books for programmers that teach more than coding

Recommended books for programmers

In this age of Internet everything is available just a click away. Typing a few words in search engine takes you to the information store where you can find knowledge and skills for you. For programmers, sites like are a quick reference manual where you get solution to a specific problem in hand and it contains answer to almost all of your questions. This is a great thing as earlier we had to refer technology specific forums and the process was time taking.
But a major problem with technology forums is that once we get the answer for our problem, we copy the code and paste it in our project and do not get back to it before the next problem.

Programmers seem to be becoming more solution seeker than knowledge seeker.

The books are loosing value and programmers tend to start professional programming without getting in-depth knowledge and learning do’s and don’ts of it.

Technology forums are complementary to books and not a replacement to them.

Since the beginning of my career I have reading these books and would recommend to anyone who is already a programmer or want to be. These are not programming language or technology specific material instead they teach you how to think and live a programmers life in a better way.

The Healthy Programmer- Get Fit, Feel Better, and Keep Coding

This book will teach you the healthy habits and how to maintain your own machine 🙂

A healthy programmer is a better programmer

Code Complete 2

A must read book for the programmer in you. It makes you think and work on strengthening the core fundamental concepts. The real world examples make the subject interesting and simple to grasp.

The Pragmatic Programmer: from Journeyman to Master

This book is a collection of ideas, observations, and recommendations for software developers. The book will take you to fun ride.

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Read and evolve with this masterpiece.

Head First Design Patterns

There cannot be more fun to learn design patterns than this book. Recommended for every experience level. The author takes you to an enjoyable journey of design patterns world.

There are many books I have read but the above five are on the top of my list. Hope you will like them too.
Do not forget to share this list with your friends with similar taste. Happy reading 🙂

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