Microsoft IoT Devcamp, Delhi – Learning another chapter of IoT

Microsoft IoT event

I am continuing to explore the world of IoT. So far I have setup a Raspberry Pi 3 and lit up the LED lights with the help of GPIO pins but I have not done any real world implementation or interacted with any data collecting device.
I received an invitation to register for Microsoft IoT DevCamp Delhi for Mar 30, 2016 and luckily got a seat reserved for me. I was expecting to get more learning on IoT under the umbrella of Microsoft technologies.

We were given two devices(Raspberry Pi 2 and FEZ Hat by GHI) to start. The FEZ HAT allows for a Fast and Easy (FEZ) way to connect all kinds of sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi. Another reason to use this device is the availability of C# drivers to use in Universal Windows Platform apps. FEZ Hat has many sensors on the board but we made use of Light and Temperature sensors only.

This time we used Windows 10 IoT core instead of Raspbian on Raspberry Pi as the type of application was Universal Windows Platform. The application performed following functionalities:

  • Interacting with sensors on FEZ Hat
  • Collecting ambient light and temperature information
  • Sending collected info to Azure using Event Hubs
  • Receiving data in Azure Stream Analytics
  • Presenting real-time data in Power BI dashboard

You can see the light sensor in action below

Raspberry Pi with FezHat

Overall it was a new and exciting learning experience but it was time bound. So, I will try things in detail by my own and share in coming posts.

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