How I migrated my WordPress blog to DigitalOcean cloud?

How to move WordPress blog to DigitalOcean

Since of the beginning of my blogging journey I have tried different hosts with different hosting options. From shared to VPS hosting on HostASP, GoDaddy, and 1and1. I used 1and1 VPS most among the options during this journey and everything worked well but it was a struggle to get everything up after every WordPress update. Some components failed to update, website was in maintenance mode for hours and the slowness was also apparent.
As a blogger you very much rely on Google to get the traffic. The load time of your website and pages is an important factor for Google to decide on ranking in search results. Every time I measured my website speed using Google Page Speed Insights it asked me to improve server response time. I tried different caching plugins and optimization steps but none of them fixed the problem permanently. You can optimize your website if it is performing bad but when it comes to improving your server response you have got very limited or no options. You have to rely on your host to give your website the performance support it requires.
So I decided to change host but it is again a daunting task because every host call themselves best in the industry and the reviews vary from one forum to another. After going through all review sites and recommendations by professionals I shortlisted Linode and DigitalOcean as possible options.
Both Linode and DigitalOcean are equally capable so how did I choose between Linode and DigitalOcean? It’s simple DigitalOcean offered $10 to try things before paying anything 🙂 So if you go for their 512MB droplet option you can run your websites and applications free for 2 months. Isn’t that wonderful? Use below link to signup and get $10 in your account
DigitalOcean free credit
Advantages of DigitalOcean over any traditional host

  1. Your server ready within minutes
  2. Cloud – Easily scalable, available(They have their data center in Bangalore also so reduced latency if majority your visitors are in India).
  3. Built for developers. You have full access to your server and you can get things done in the way you want.
  4. Competitive pricing

How to setup WordPress under NGINX on Ubuntu 16.04

To get the server and blog setup I referred following posts

I have been through all the above listed steps to get everything working back. If you are reading this post then it is the result of this combined effort. I am feeling the SSD power now. 🙂
Hope I will better able to focus on my blog than doing server tuning from now. Cheers and happy learning!
One more thing before I end this post

I am not advertising DigitalOcean. I just shared how things easily worked for me and I can see the benefits coming. I would definitely recommend DigitalOcean if you are looking for a robust host for your personal website or any web app.

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