Visual Studio 2017 – Installation and first impressions

Visual Studio 2017 installation

Visual Studio completed its 20 years and we have Visual Studio 2017.

I started using Visual Studio around year 2003 and Visual Studio 6 was my first IDE when I switched from Turbo C environment. I remember how easy and intuitive it was to create Visual Basic 6 apps as compared to C/C++ apps. You could drag/drop things and with just few lines of logic your application could start responding to your actions.

I still couldn’t believe that it has been 14 years since I am in love with this software. A lot of things has changed since then. With every release it is getting better and better. Be it frameworks, libraries, project templates or the application itself, it is empowering we developers in many ways with every update.

Lets see what has changed in Visual Studio 2017.


Like the previous version, Visual Studio 2017 is also available in three versions – Community, Professional, and Enterprise. One thing noticeable here is that only web installer version is listed on the website and you won’t find any option to download ISO, but Microsoft has provided an alternate way to create offline installer of Visual Studio 2017.

Lets continue with professional version web installer.


This is the brand new thing in VS 2017 installation.

A workload is a set of installable components grouped together by the type of application to be developed.

You can choose specific workload(s) according to the type of developer you are. Whether you are a desktop app developer, a web developer or have interest in more than one areas (like me), just choose the workloads of your interest and the installer will take care of the rest.
Here is my selection of workloads

Workloads in Visual Studio 2017

If you prefer the old approach then go for Individual Components option

Install individual components

Installation will start and complete according the items you chose.

Installation Start

Installation Complete

Improved startup time and new start page

The startup time has been significantly improved and you can experience it. The splash screen shows up for less time now and you will be greeted with a cleaner Start Page.

Start Page

There is a separate section for developer news and it doesn’t mix up with your working area. The developer news docks nicely too.

Start Page with docked developer news section

The start page menu option is also changed. Previous versions had it under View menu but it is under File now.

Start Page is under File menu now

I have Visual Studio 2017 up and running on my machine now. I am yet to create a project or check the improvements it offers for coding. I will explore them and share in my next post.
Happy Programming 🙂

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