Welcome 2017

Make 2017 your year

Happy New Year friends. This is again the time to make new resolutions and set targets for us. It is also time for evaluation of our last list of resolutions to know whether we have moved forward and today our version is better than the last one. Our business, career, relationship resolutions matter but we also need to evaluate that we as individuals have become better or not.
Software needs upgrade to tackle emerging challenging, perform new operations and its existing operations more efficiently. Similarly, we also need to upgrade ourselves to achieve more than what we already have. Software requires new code for upgrade and we require commitments accompanied by actions.
Lets promise ourselves to check our version everyday and upgrade it as required.
Here are my top professional resolutions.

My 2017 resolutions

List of my top resolutions for year 2017

What are your resolutions? Please share in the comments.

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