What is new and exciting in C# 6.0 ?

What is new in C-sharp 6

C# 6.0 introduces many features and enhancements to existing features that make it exciting. The enhancements have been made keeping in mind to make you more productive while reducing the amount of code required. It also reduces the limitations with features already available. Your code will look more tidy with C# 6.0. So, get ready to dive into the latest chapter of C# evolution.

Following features/enhancements are available in C# 6.0 till the time I am writing this article:

  • Initializer for auto-properties
  • Getter only auto-properties
  • Expression bodies on method-like members
  • Expression bodies on property-like function members
  • Using static
  • Null-conditional operators
  • String interpolation
  • nameof expressions
  • Index initializers
  • Exception filters
  • Await in catch and finally blocks
  • Parameterless constructors in structs

C# 6 features summary
In the coming articles, I will explore each of these features and share my experience. Thanks for reading.
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