Type less and achieve more with .new domain shortcuts

Productivity Jul 20, 2020

Do you know there exists .new shortcuts to access some of your favorite services? “.new” is a new domain extension offered by Google exclusively for performing new actions online. Read more about “.new” domain and how to apply at whats.new.

A .new domain shortcut leads to a action that creates something. The shortcuts are quick and memorable.

Not everyone can get this domain as there are compliance and policy requirements which restricts the usage of .new domain. You can read more about the registration policy here.

Here are some of .new shortcuts that you can try:

Since .new domain is an offering from Google so you must be thinking how Google is using it and what all Google services utilize this. So here is the list of .new actions associated with Google products:

These shortcuts are fantastic and surely help to achieve more with less keystrokes.