Passed 70-480 and became Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft 70-480 exam

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  • Lucas Mitchell

    Well done!

    I am taking mine next month. Just a query – I am using this study guide

    It was published in late 2012, and I am not sure if MS have updated the exam since then. Does the content in the guide match that of the exam in your experience?


  • Hi Vikram: I only have Windows 7– do you think this will be a problem when going through the MVA tuts and so on? There’s no way I can afford an upgrade right now.

    • vikram kumar

      Do you want to try WinJS examples? You can try them in your browser Windows 8 is not required.

      • Thanks Vikram! I’ll try it.

        • vikram kumar

          Hi Vickie,
          How is your preparation going? Did you appear for it?
          One of my friends recently got this certification

          • HI Vikram:
            I got sidetracked by having to learn WP in a few days for a potential job. I would like to go back and work in an MS environment eventually though 🙂

            Cheers and congrats to your friend!


  • cssihyd

    Hi Vikram, I am new to this and have few questions….

    1. As per the link “”.. it seems there are 3 different exams in in 3 different steps. To get MCP certificate, do you need to give all 3 exams.. or just by giving 70-480, we can get this certificate?
    2. Is there any pre-requisite? OR without having any prior certification, we can directly go for this exam and earn the certificate?
    3. This certificate will be active for the life time OR does it have any expiry and we need to renew certificate after some time?

    • vikram kumar

      Passing any of those three certifications will get you MCP and if you pass all three of them you will be MCSD. So, 70-480 is enough for MCP.
      You can directly go for it, no pre-requisites required.
      As far as I know. It doesn’t expire. Once an MCP is always an MCP.

      If you appear for any exam before 31 May, you will get free second shot. More info

      • cssihyd

        Thanks Vikram !!!

  • Kaleem Ullah Khan

    Hi Vikram i am preparing for the test can you provide me some guidelines which helps me to clear the exam ?

    • Would love to. When are you planning to go for test?

      • Kaleem Ullah Khan

        I am planning for next month and i am afraid of failure and lost my money 🙁

  • Seema

    Is it must to have experience in javascript for passing exam 480?I have experience in HTML and CSS but I am new for javascript.Can I pass the exam by studying and programming practices.

    • Yes Seema you need to get your hands on JavaScript to pass this exam. Don’t worry it is not that hard. If you want I can give you specific topics to learn.

      • Seema

        Please give those topics.Can you suggest a best book for this exam preparation?

        • Seema,
          I have sent you an email with the resources and topics for preparation. Please go through that and let me know if you have any questions.

          • Chirag Saxena

            Hello Vikram,

            Much Appriciated.

            Can you please send me those resources to clear 70-480 Microsoft Exam.

  • harsh

    hii vikram

    can you share the topic and books for it and questions from Measureup.

  • Stuti Nigam

    hello vikram ,
    can you tell what all important i should go through beacuse i am giving exam within fews days ..

    • Did you appear for test? How was it?

      • Stuti Nigam

        Failed 😞😞😞😞 next trial

  • Alas, better luck for retake.

  • Rabin

    Hi Vikram,

    I am going to be book test for next month. Do you think a month is enough for test preparation. Can you please tell me more about the test difficulty and send me resources if you have any.


    • Rabin,
      The preparation time varies from person to person. I would suggest to prepare for 15 days and evaluate your position. If you are confident then only pay and schedule your test.

  • Tanya

    Hi Vikram, I booked my exam for 70-480 on April 8, 2016. I have been working on web development for 6 months now. I would like to know that
    – One month is enough for exam preparation?
    – Could you give me a study guidelines and resources which helps me to clear the exam?
    – I am studying from Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start, and some video about JavaScript and HTML. I am not sure that I am going in the right direction? Please suggest me.

    Thank you very much.

  • Amruta Muragendra Umranikar

    Where I can give a practice test

    • Amruta,
      First answer all questions of MVA course then go with Pearson( or MeasureUp(
      Practice tests are available online(mostly paid), you do not need to go to any test center for that.
      If you are planning to appear for test after a month or so, then I can help you. I am building a portal for certification practice tests and it would be 100% free.

  • Jinal Tandel

    Hi, Vikram I would like to know which exams you have appeared for MCP 70-480 or MCSD 70-480, as I can see both certificates with same date on it. Could you please assist me with this?

    • Jinal,
      The exam code is just 70-480. If it is your first Microsoft certification then you will earn MCP certificate also. So you will get two certificates once you pass this exam.
      For MCSD status you need to pass three exams 70-480, 70-486, 70-487 separately. More info

      • Jinal Tandel

        Thanks for the info Vikram 🙂 Could you please help me with preparation material for MCP 70-480?

  • Guys,
    I am working on a website where you can test and validate your technology skills. It would be 100% free and relevant to the market standards.
    To stay updated on this and many tech tools just drop your email address at

  • Bhargavi

    Hi Vikram,

    I am new to html5 css and Javascript. Preparing to take up the exam on January 2017. Am I eligible for this exam ?
    Waiting for your reply

    • Yes, you are eligible. Knowledge is the only eligibility criteria for this exam. Feel free to let me know if I could help. Best of luck!

    • Jaypee Sanchez

      I just passed the exam this day. All I can tell is you need to have a hands on experience for you to
      instill all information from the books.


  • Chirag Saxena

    Hello Vikram,

    Can u please tell me the procedure of 70-480 exam.? Means what about questions ? and marking ? Also can you please send me some valuable resources to clear this exam.

    I am Working as a UI Developer from last 1 year, based in Noida. I also get certified by Microsoft in this field. Please Suggest and help us.

    • Chirag,
      Just prepare well and appear for exam. Exam can be scheduled as per your convenience and availability. You need to score 700 out of 1000 to pass this exam.
      Just drop your email id on and I will share more info and materials with you.

  • Deepshikha sharma

    Hey Vikram’s,
    I am a working girl and hardly find 2-4 hous

    • It is better that you are working because you gain practical knowledge and challenges which you won’t find in any book or tutorial. 2-4 hours daily is enough and you can crack it for sure. Best of luck.

  • Chirag Saxena

    Hey Vikram,

    Can you please guide us or names of organizations, who sponsor Microsoft Exams in Delhi NCR. ??

  • Michael Makina

    hie i’m new to programming and i plan on writing the test in two weeks will i be fine if i focus mainly on javascript

    • Focusing only on JS won’t work well for you because HTML5 (semantic tags, APIs) and CSS3(transformation, transition, flexbox, etc.) is also required in order to pass this exam. There would be 50-60% questions from JavaScript and rest from HTML5 and CSS3. So I would suggest to take more time and prepare well before appearing in the exam.

      • Michael Makina

        thank you for the advice

      • Michael Makina

        thanks for the advice

  • Lolu

    Hi Vikram, please can you highlight some benefits you have received from passing this exam (especially in the area of job opportunities and increase in demand for your skills) . I have many years experience programming but I have not taken certification seriously. If you have received some benefits from the certificate, it would surely inject some seriousness into my effort

    • Hey,
      First of all, thanks for your interest in getting certified and validating your skills.
      Here are the benefits I got
      1) Opportunity to train people in the organization
      2) Addition to personal branding – Colleagues come to me seeking solution to their problems. It was already happening but it has surely increased since I earned it.
      3) Jobs – I do not have exact numbers on this. With certification your resume will be looked at more but ultimately you need the skills to get selected for the job.
      4) The most beautiful benefit – We are talking because of this certification 🙂
      Certifications alone are not guarantee for any job or it doesn’t mean that someone with certification has more knowledge than others who don’t have. But a certification of your skills shows that you are serious about it and your goal is to learn and reach to next level. You will explore new areas in the skills you already know once you start preparing for it. I firmly believe that investment(time, money) in career is rewarding.

      • Lolu

        Hi Vikram, thanks for your response. You have encouraged me a lot. As a result of the encouragement, I went to a test center today to take my 70-480 exam, and I scored 936. Thanks for this encouraging blog posts


    Hi Vikram,

    I am planning to appear this exam next month, could you please share the relevant documents and practice test materials if available. I can see the measureUp practice test but it is too costly. Also, one more question, the certification covers JavaScript, HTML5 asnd CCS3. Is it also asking questions on “Hotspot”? As I have one of the dumps q set, it has separate section as hotspot with number of questions and answers.

    My email ID is –


  • vikas

    Hi Vikram,

    First congratulation on getting Microsoft Certified. I am also having few certification of Microsoft. Currently I am targeting for 70-480 certification.Mostly in first week of June.Is it possible for you to mail me some stuffs for it.
    Vikas Jha

  • Raksha Bhartiya

    Hi Vikram, could you guide us what next certification we could go for after passing this?

    • Hi Raksha,
      It depends. If you are a .net developer or want to be one then you can go for MCSD(web development). You will be required to go for two more exams 70-486 and 70-487.
      I am also preparing for MCSD currently. 🙂
      Anyways please share the career path you want to follow and then only I can better suggest.

      • Raksha Bhartiya

        I am a front end developer. I work in jquery and angular. 🙂

        • Sorry, there are no official options available in that space yet.
          You can contribute to their GitHub repos or build some kind of plugins for others to use. This is also a great way to prove your skills and make your contribution to the programmer community.
          If you have any idea then we can collaborate.

          • Raksha Bhartiya

            Thanks Vikram!

  • Annette Bowman

    Are the questions on the measure up practice exam comparable to the real exam questions in terms of difficulty and subject matter?

    • Yes. I have found them relevant and up to the mark. It will give you and idea of the question pattern.

      • Annette Bowman

        Thanks Vikram! I took the exam on Friday and I passed! 🙂

        • Congrats!
          Thanks for sharing. Keep learning, Stay relevant.

        • vikas

          Hi Annette,

          How you doing Great. Congratulation for clearing exam. I am planning to appear on this Wednesday. Is it possible to share the practice set with me. Please share at

          Thanks in Advance.


  • vikas

    Hi Vikram, Thanks that you shared some material . Please share final set of material as I will appearing in couple of days. Need help please share material.

  • Abhishek Banthia

    Hi Vikram,
    congratulations on getting certified by microsoft. i am new to html5 and css3.
    Can you please send me those resources to clear 70-480 Microsoft Exam. my email id :


    • Thanks. Will get back to you with some resources soon.

  • It is measureup’s 20th anniversary and they are offering flat 20% off on all tests on 20th of every month. Avail the same on 20th of this month.

  • vikas

    Thank you so much Vikram. Yesterday I appeared for exam and cleared. I really Appreciate all help you provided me in preparation . Specially mid-night mail which really helped me in boosting my confidence. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Kudos!
      Well done and welcome to MCP club.

      • vikas

        Thank you

  • Ganesh Chandra dhaulakhandi

    hi buddy can you tell how much attempt i consider in one time exam fees and can you tell me also which type study material i use to crack that exam waiting for your ans

    • Hi Ganesh,
      The exam fee currently is Rs. 4800.00 with only one attempt. Try the materials I have recommended in this blog post and those are sufficient to clear this exam.

  • Rakesh Kombali

    Hi Vikram,
    can you please guide me for 70-480 exam, I am looking forward to complete with in a month or so. if possible can you please share me the materials if you have any,,, email id is

  • Siva E

    Vikram…I subscribed to your page.Please share the material with me. I am awaiting your mail.

  • Mo

    Hello, Please could I ask you what kind of exam this is? I mean is it a practical or is it multiple choice etc? Many thanks

    • Hi Mo,
      There will be all objective questions with a mix of single and multiple choice options. Questions could include case studies which will require proper understanding of the problem statement before choosing the best answer.

  • stevematdavies

    Unfortunately, most resources for this exam are severely lacking. Out of date questions, poorly worded and incorrect answers, reliance on deprecated features and technologies not related (e.g. WCF). In addition the jQuery requirement, looks at jQuery 1, we are now at 3 with many features deprecated.

    We would attempt this course, if we could find an up to date curriculum and some semblance of a coherent and correct exam preparation questions.

    The Video in Microsoft Academy in the link above is from 2012, the book is 2014. In the world of JavaScript, HTML and CSS things move far quicker (2012 we didn’t have HTML5 or CSS3, and we were still transitioning from ES3 to ES5. Now we are at ES6 looking towards 7!

    Microsoft fail in providing links to recent information on exam prep. Instead, we must rely on terrible third party material. I recommend to seriously consider the material you are using to prepare, most of the main exam prep products (e.g. uCertify etc) are poor offerings at bloated prices.

    • Hi Steve,
      Totally agree with you. Any book or study material cannot keep up with ever changing and growing Web standards and technologies. It was the same case with Microsoft product like Visual Studio, later they learned from it and Visual Studio Code was the result. We should connect with MS Learning team on this.
      I am also working on to create a free learning resource that will include practice tests for the benefits of fellow developers. I will keep everyone updated.

      • ∆ [c0d3r28] ∆

        Great, that would be fantastic, but a little skeptical on contacting Ms team!

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  • Junaid

    Is this exam still valid ? As i heard after September 2016 most of the certification are expired and are not offered by MS

  • Aditi Sinha

    hi… can you tell me how to register for this exam and where the centre will be for the same.

    Thanks in advance.