The beautiful flowers of my garden

flowers Oct 30, 2017

I am in my village. It is the month of October in 2017 but the days are still warmer than it used to be during my childhood. Diwali is around the corner and people are still in their summer clothes. What happened to the weather change cycle, global warming or something else? Summer has extended its territory and rules with full force. Winter accepted its defeat and comes only when summer goes to rest for a while. Rainy season comes only when it is not needed at all or least needed. It either brings drought or flood now.

The one thing when nature has still kept its timing intact is the blooming of flowers. The flowers seem to be not caring about any imbalance in the world. They didn’t forget to blossom and spread immense love all around. They travel the journey of bud to flower with the kisses from Sun, sways from wind and the showers of water. A flower’s journey is short but deep as it leaves its existence into thousands of flowering possibilities.

The pleasure of witnessing the journey of a flower is inexplicable and mesmerizing. Here are some of the beauties from my village garden for you. Hope you will love it!

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