Mahabaleshwar - Heaven during monsoon

mountains Aug 28, 2017

If you are planning a trip during monsoon in India then Mahabaleshwar should definitely be on your list. This hill station of Maharashtra is beautiful and becomes more alive in rainy season. It is fun to be there during rainy season as this place is filled with natural beauty, scenic locations and ruins of old buildings telling the stories of its charm.
I chose this location among other shortlisted(Coorg, Agumbe and Kochi) for a long weekend of August. Took a flight from Delhi to Pune and from there traveled in a taxi to Mahabaleshwar. Once I reached there it was a completely different show of nature, cool weather, misty winds were ready to welcome us.
Next day we decided to take a early morning walk before the rush begins as you know the nature distributes its gift on first come first serve basis :). We slowly approached towards Venna lake enjoying the chirping of birds mixed with the silence of forest on the way. The water of lake was laden with clouds and the wind was giving us some occasional goosebumps.
Our eyes and lungs were filled with the freshness and our soul was refueled. On the way back home it started raining but we had raincoats. Raincoat and backpack gave me nostalgia of school days.
After breakfast we hired a taxi for travel to local points and attractions and it was an amazing experience. These pictures will narrate the story that cannot be put in words.

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