My 5 days in Thailand - Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai and more

My 5 days in Thailand - Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai and more

Thailand has lot to offer and satiate all kinds of traveler in you. I explored natural, cultural and historical side of Thailand during my 5 days in this beautiful and diverse country.

It was my first trip to Thailand. There were few shortlisted destinations in and around Bangkok to cover but I was open to adjust with time and budget.

Day 1

Our flight from Delhi to Bangkok took around 3 hours and 30 minutes and landed at 7:30 PM local time. Visa and baggage collection took another hour. Thailand provides Visa on arrival to passport holders of India and some other countries.

Requirements for Thailand Visa on arrival

  • Passport with at least 30 days of validity
  • Passport size photograph
  • Confirmed return ticket
  • Proof of stay in Thailand (Hotel, hostel or apartment booking)
  • Immigration card with both arrival and departure details (Please keep the departure card until you leave Thailand)
  • Proof of funds
ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

After immigration formalities, we took taxi to hotel. It was already very late when we reached hotel and we decided to go to ASIATIQUE The Riverfront night market since other destinations were either far or closed by then.

It is an open air market where you can satisfy your hunger, shop, and do activities like riding giant wheel, carousel, Go Karting and much more.

Day 2

Next day was spent visiting famous temples of Bangkok, Grand Palace and shopping centers.

Day 3

We went to Ayutthaya by train from Bangkok and trust me it was one of the memorable train journeys for me and on top of that it was pretty cheap. Ruins of this old capital city recite the history of this beautiful country.

Day 4

On day four of our trip, we started early morning for Khao Yai. If you are a nature lover this place won’t disappoint you. Khao Yai can be covered in a day trip from Bangkok. On the way back we visited Primo Piazza, a farm cum cafe with structures inspired from European architecture.

Day 5

The last day of our trip was spent at Chatuchak Weekend Market doing shopping for my return trip.

From my experience, Thailand is lot more than Bangkok and this country must be in your list irrespective of the kind of traveler you are.

If I come again to Thailand I would like to

  • Stay in Ayutthaya and do cycling
  • Do camping in Khao Yai national park
  • Visit and stay in Kanchanaburi