Hello World with Docker - Running my first container

Docker Aug 18, 2018

In my previous post I explained step by step procedure of installing Docker on Windows 10. We are now ready to run our first container.

In this example we will pull the hello-world image from Docker Hub and run a container.

First lets check the images already installed by following command

docker images

And it says there are no images installed

Now issue following command to run hello world container

docker run hello-world

Hello World with Docker

The “Hello from Docker!” message indicates that the installation was successful.

In order to run the above container, Docker first tries to look for hello-world image locally, which doesn’t exist so it pulls the hello-world image from the Docker Hub and creates a container from that image. The container then takes care of generating and displaying the greeting on screen. Docker has also listed the steps it took to achieve the given task.

Now we should the hello-world image installed locally
docker images command

Now if we run

docker run hello-world

it will not try to pull the image from Docker Hub as it is already available in local.

docker run hello-world command

You have seen how easy it is to get started and take the first step by deploying a hello-world container in Docker. Try yourself and share your experience.