Trip to Triund, McLeod Ganj (Himachal Pradesh)

mountains Apr 30, 2017

The travel part of my list of resolutions for 2017 kicked off with the trip to McLeod Ganj and trek to Triund hills. It was a amazing experience. The trek part of the trip was most interesting and fun filled. It was tiring and exhausting but it was worth it, as the energy and peace and you get from there last long within you.

Here are some photos from the trip that I posted on Instagram. I would love to answer any questions you have.

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After reaching McLeod Ganj, looking for a good breakfast place was the first part of exploration of this beautiful place. I heard that this place is known for its great cafes but I was too early for the places I had in my "where to eat" list as most of the cafes here open after 9 AM. Then I saw this place @bodhigreens open. Tried few options from their menu and it didn't disappoint. They have great options and the best part is that it is all vegan. It remained my favourite breakfast destination during my entire stay at McLeod Ganj. The dish in the picture above is scrambled tofu with vegetables and is served with garlic bread. #breakfast #vegan #vegetables #tofu #green #organic #morning #mcleodganj #himachalpradesh #food #instafood #india #cafe #healthy #tourism #touristdiary #nofilter #iphonography

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